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Cotton Linen Fabric Benefits And Applications

The versatile use of blended cotton-linen fabrics can be seen anywhere from home decor to the clothing design market, to smaller individual projects. Taking the best from both fabrics, cotton linen fabrics have certain qualities and specificities that make it a highly sought after blend. Read on to learn more about cotton linen fabric and how it can meet your needs.

Benefits of Cotton Linen Fabric

Blending linen with cotton increases the strength of the fabric while reducing the cost of an expensive linen-only material. This fabric blend is more wrinkle-resistant and less likely to shrink than 100% linen. This cotton linen fabric blend is thinner and lighter than linen when used alone.

Environmentally friendly

First of all, these two fabrics are organic, natural, and sustainable. This option is highly recommended for those prioritizing eco-friendly operations. Many customers also appreciate the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, which can ultimately be reflected in the final product prices. The value added due to the sustainability of cotton linen fabric is immense, and is even considered a trend by countless companies.

Breathable Textile

Cotton linen fabric retains more heat than linen does alone. However, the permeability of linen fibers creates highly breathable and moisture-wicking properties that still allow it to be a top fabric choice for warmer weather.

Sleep Tight With Cotton Linen Fabric

With the added warmth from the cotton, this linen blend aids in the microcirculation flow of the body by maintaining a more temperature-controlled sleeping environment. The softness of cotton mixed with the breathability of linen, allows for the body’s natural drop in temperature, thus optimizing the body’s natural circadian rhythm and ultimately promoting a more restful sleep.

Cotton Linen Fabric Is Skin-friendly

This type of fabric contains the perfect pH and makes the clothes extremely comfortable to wear. The cotton component creates a softer and smoother linen blend. For those with sensitive skin, this can help prevent skin irritation and itching. So be sure to include it in your next collection, as some customers will inquire about more skin-friendly options.

What’s Ours, Can Be Yours!

There is a fabric out there for everyone! And we have that extensive selection here at BH Linen.

Based on the characteristics and needs presented in this content, we at BH Linen have a separate list of all our cotton linen fabric options. Click on the banner below to see which colors and designs you like best. Website prices are for resellers. If you need a bigger sale with a yard quantity above 50, the prices are characterized as wholesale and you can enjoy a much lower value. Take a look at our options and call us with any questions.

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