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Wholesale Linen Fabric: Everything you need to know

Updated: May 1, 2023

If you are looking for a wholesale linen supplier you are in the right place. In this content we separate everything you need to know about the linen fabric and how to choose your supplier. Learn about linen options and applications, such as clothing, tablecloths, napkins, pillows, drapery, upholstery, bags and lamp shades. Keep reading to find out everything.

Wholesale linen fabric: Different types of fabric

This category of fabric is 100% linen and includes solid fabrics in many different colors and Weights. It is a wonderful option and can be used for many applications. You need a great wholesale linen supplier that has different options, leaving it up to you to choose which one best fits your proposal.

Take a look here:

The mixtures of linen with other natural fabrics such as Cotton, Rayon, Viscose and Tencel. The noble pure Linen fabric on some occasions can end up costing a little more than other materials and that’s when blending it with other fabrics comes in handy. At other times, the mixture of linen is due to the need to give softness, elasticity or other characteristics to the fabric. Linen blends are also very interesting and your wholesale linen supplier must be able to offer you multiple options.

Here you are:

These fabrics are characteristic for being rare and unique. If your idea is to create a different clothing collection or make a super authentic home décor project, novelty linen will be your solution. In this category you will find many Yarn-Dyeds, Prints, Jacquards and a few others.

Explore them here:

Wholesale linen fabric: Different Applications

Let’s say you are a great designer and your imagination goes beyond the limits of physics. This creates a problem: you need a great wholesale linen supplier that has plenty of clothing options. Well, then we've separated a list of some types of linen that work really well for this purpose.

Check them here:

Linen curtains are great for brightening the room while still offering privacy. Due to the characteristics of the linen fabric, the environment can also be cooler. If you open the window, even keeping the curtains closed, air passes through the linen curtains easily, maintaining a pleasant airflow, unlike other fabrics that can give that stuffy feeling. Again it is necessary to have a great wholesale linen supplier for your curtains to be stylish and functional.

Take a look:

Linen can also be used very well for upholstery and of course due to the different types of application it will need some specific characteristics, such as being thicker and a little heavier as a result. This ensures that the upholstery pieces are more resistant, keeping the beautiful and elegant look for longer.

Here is a list of some fabrics that a great wholesale linen supplier can offer you:

Linen Fabric's details and ornaments can give your table an elegant and luxurious tone. Widely used by royalty, linen was part of the history of many empires and may now be in your new collection of table cloths.

See below some of the fabrics you can use:

In addition to these applications that we have separated for you, your wholesale linen supplier should also have options for lamp shades, pillows, napkins, bags and more. We at BH LINEN are specialized in linen Fabric. You can count on us to help you with whatever you need. Our website is super intuitive but our team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have. Click on the banner below to check out our products separated by application.

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